Welcome to DTU Badminton


DTU Badminton, DTUB, belongs to Badminton Copenhagen. DTUB accepts members internationally, and our primary language is English.
To join the club, you need to write an e-mail to join@dtu-badminton.dk and get assigned to a team, and afterwards you will be able to join us for a couple training sessions to see if you want to join the club. Below the training hours are shown:
Gym 2
18.15 - 20.15Team 1 (Advanced) with coach
20.15 - 22.15Team 2 (Intermediate)with coach
WednesdayGym 118.00 - 20.00Team 3 (Beginners) with coach
ThursdayGym 120:00 - 23.00All teams without coach
SaturdayGym 211.15 - 19.15All teams without coach
SundayGym 112.15 - 19.15All teams without coach

If you are a member and connected to one of the teams, it is only possible to train Saturday and Sunday if no team matches are played on home court, contact one of the board members for more information. 

The club uses a facebook group as our main communication channel. The link below takes you directly to our facebook group (please write an email to the board member link above so we know who you are, then we will accept you to the group): 

DTU Badminton Facebook Group 


Subscription payment (per semester)

Team 1Team 2Team 3
DTU student500 kr450 kr400 kr
Non-student (incl. PhDs)600 kr550 kr500 kr

The prices above is for a semester (August to January or February to July). If a new member joins the club in the middle of a semester, the price is lowered accordingly. 

The club will provide shuttles when we train with a coach, but you must bring your own at the open trainings. 

It is possible to buy shuttlecocks of the brand RSL Tourney Classic at training. The price for a dozen (12) is 165 kr. If you need further information you are very welcome to contact one of the board members or read our welcome to new members where more information can be found. We hope to hear from you!

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