Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring my own racket? 

Yes, please! We do have a handful of rackets that people can borrow, but we do not have enough for everyone, so they are really only for trying it out. 

Should I bring my own shuttles?

You do not have to bring your own shuttles for the trainings with coach, but you do have to bring your own when there is self training/open training. 

Can I try to play before signing up? 

Yes! Please write to before just showing up though, otherwise we risk too many players showing up, and then there are not enough courts for everyone. 

Where is the practice?

Most of the practices takes place at DTU sportshall in building 101B. You can also find it with the room marked Here.
Asociated equiment is located in hall 1 in the backroom, You can find it with the room marked Here.
If the practice is held elsewhere due to DTU sportshall beign closed, information is shared on our Facebook page.

Can I buy shuttles form the club?

It is possible to buy shuttlecocks of the brand RSL Tourney Classic at training. The price for a dozen (12) is 165 kr. Contact one of the board members to get more information.

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